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A History


Pottawatomie County


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In Pottawatomie County History

An index of those who have boon or still are active in the many

activities that go to make up local history.

ADAMS, LOTTIE RAY - From Texas via Indian Terr., 1893. Member pioneer Keokuk Falls family. Began teaching school 1898; taught at McLoud, Tecumseh, Shawnee, Wewoka. Married Henry Adams of Shawnee 1910. Associated with him in Shawnee oil business since 1925.
ARCHER, ALEX M. - From Texas via Ardmore 1893. Born 1854 in Tennessee. Married Fannie Collins 1872. Children are George Edward, William P., Mattie, Roberta, Sam, John Adelaide and Ray­mond. Settled on farm west of Asher. Built farm from a log cabin in woods to one of most productive and most attractive in neighborhood. Baptist, Demo­crat, Woodman of the World, Fraternal Union.
ATKINS, ROBERT TOLBER - From Tennessee 1902. Moved from Shawnee to Asher that year. Partner for time of Dr. J. M. Byrum in Remington and Pot­tinger drug store. Operated hotels at Oklahoma City, Lawton, Konawa, Centrahoma, Fletcher, and Bliss; operated Bruce hotel, Central house and Kentucky hotel at different times in Asher. Atkins was born 1860 at Corinth, Miss.; married Fannie Scott 1881. Walter born 1882, Herbert 1886, Peyton 1888, Paul 1892, Grace 1896. Atkins Methodist, Democrat; Mrs. Atkins First Christian.
ATKINS, WALTER - Son of R. T. At­kins, civic booster before and during oil boom. For years member city council, school board, commercial club. In early days worked in first stores in Asher, later owned his own. Married Emilee Hooker 1908. Phil Hooker born 1913, Jackque Lee 1917. Mrs. Atkins first tele­phone operator in Asher operated the first beauty parlor in town with only a pair of curling tongs. She now operates an up-to-date establishment in Wewoka. Atkins manager of Wewoka J. C. Jones store
BARKER, MRS. STELLA - From Texas in 1897. Born 1876 at Webb City, Ark. Daughter of Alexander Clevenger. Mar­ried 'V. C. Barker 1898. One son, George, born 18S9. Baptist, Republican, past matron of Tecumseh chapter No. 30, O. E. S.
BARTON, D. O. - From Texas 1901. Lived in Brown vicinity until 1921 when he moved to Shawnee. Deputy sheriff under Grover Butler for f our years ; member Shawnee police force two years; deputy under Sheriff Bill Roberts four years; deputy under Sheriff Walter­ Mosier
BASSON, SALLIE - From Texas 1903. Married T. S. Bason of Hill county, Texas. Minnie O. born 1882, J. W. 1886, Ed J. 1901. Bason was expert cotton farmer. Later operated shoe shop, which his wife continued to operate for a time after his death in 1923. Mrs. Bason has attended Baptist services continually for 20 years.
BEATY, D. N. - Keokuk feud.
BERRY, LAVELLE - To Konawa from Arkansas. Miss Berry was born 1911 at Springfield, Ark. Education at Konawa, Oklahoma College for Women. Bethany Peniel, and East Central, pecializing in music. Teacher in Asher schools 1932.
BILLINGTON, C. B. - Came to Tecum­seh in 1901, moved to pioneer at Maud opening 1903. Spent 1915 in Tecumseh, returned to Maud, then moved to Shawnee 1920. Once operated lumber yards at Tecumseh, Macomb, Tribbey and Maud. Active in early Maud business, in drilling first oil well in county and still active oil man.   
BOYD, LON - From Arkansas in 1900 with father, H. J. Boyd. Married Lucille Copeland 1913. Lon Jr. born 1914, Mary Lucille 1919. Mason, Modern Woodman of America, Democrat, Methodist, Com­mercial club.   
BOYD, LON JR. - Son of Lon. Grad­uated Tecumseh high school 1932. Teaching in Tecumseh public schools after two and half years at East Central Married Dorothye Gray November 1935.
BROWDER, A. L. - From Alabama in 1907. Born 1885 in Alabama. Married Ida Coleman 1910, daughter of pioneer family east of Asher. Lubie born 1912, Rosetta 1911. Browder has been Asher business man for last ten years. Broth­er, Bailey Browder, was killed while attempting to halt robbery of the Cana­dian Valley bank.
BUCKLER-J. B. - From Kentucky in 1891. With partner named Rutherford, built first gin at what became Avoca. Perkins family nearest neighbors at time. Trustee of Avoca township for 15 years. Born 1863 at Owensboro, Ky. Married Dosia Edgmon 1888. Children Nora Bell, now Mrs. John McClure, Nola. now Mrs. A. E. Herndon, and Claud all of Asher.
BURNETT, JOHN H. - From Iowa to Shawnee 1892. Father, G. S. Burnett, donated team to build grade for Shawnee Tecumseh railroad He had operated a "hack" line from Shawnee to Tecumseh. When railroad opened, started Burnett Transfer Co. John H. Burnett had first job carrying mail on horseback between Tecumseh and Moore. For three trips a week he received $10 a month. Made runs into Cherokee Strip and Kickapoo country, then got allotment in Comanche country. 1901 went to work for Choctaw railroad in Shawnee. Shawnee's first Chief of Detectives. 1907 became special agent for Rock Island. In became chief special agent of a district with headquarters in El Reno. Married Iva Collins 1908. Martha Lucille only daughter. Active in Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association of Oklahoma.
BUTLER, MRS. GROVER C. - From Kansas 1893. Daughter of Oliver W. Grimwood, born 1867 at Mt. Vernon. Ohio. Married Grover C. Butler 1906. Grover C. born 1884, Pulaski, Tenn., came to Brown community 1892. County sheriff 1921-25. Tecumseh chief of police 1928­32 when he was killed while in line of duty. Children A. Glenn, G. Wilson, F. Grimwood.
COLVERT, DR. GEORGE W. - Pioneer Tecumseh doctor. Married Lila Gould Culbertson 1910.
COOPER, J. LYNN - Member Cooper Furniture and Undertaking firm. Educated Tecumseh public schools and Wil­liams School of Embalming, Kansas City.
COOPER, JAMES McDONALD - From Arkansas 1904. Born 1882 in Arkansas. Married Delia Boyd 1899. Three sons: Virgil, Lynn, H. J. Established what is now Cooper Furniture and Undertaking Co. 1905. Presbyterian.
COOPER, VIRGIL McDONALD - Born Tecumseh. 1905. Graduate Tecumseh high school and Williams School of Em­balming. Kansas City. Two years ap­prenticeship Wilson Mortuary at El Reno and Mrs. C. L. Forster Funeral Home, .Kansas City. Manager Cooper Furniture and Undertaking Co. Married Mickey Morton 1929. Children: Jeannine and Bobby .Jim. Presbyterian. A. F. & A. M., M. Y. A., Chamber Commerce.
COPPAGE, MRS. VIOLA CHAMBLEE - Married Orner Dodson Coppage 1896. Children: Julia Marie, Celia Dodson. Ar­rived Pott. County 1917. Business and Professional Women's club, Daughters of the Confederacy, member guardian Woodman Circle 1934. Reporter Woodman Circle 1936, member executive board American Legion Auxiliary 1934. Chris­tian, Democrat, director WP A sewing room Shawnee, 1936.
DRAKE, J. V. - Came to Tecumseh in early years, operated oil mill for 25 years. Mrs. Drake active club woman and writer.
DURHAM, MRS. LOLA C., founder Te­cumseh high school alumni association. Ed Bason is head of the state Industrial commission.
EDWARDS, FOY - Born Lincoln coun­ty 1903, son of William Thomas and Essie Edwards. Educated public schools Tecumseh, Indianola business college, Oklahoma A. and M. college. Married Grace V. Rowell 1934. One son, Thomas Foy Edwards, Lawyer, Mason, Meth­odist, Democrat.
ENLOW, ESTER M. - From Wisconsin via Indian Terr. 1898. Born 1858 in Wisconsin. Married Sol Enlow 1887 in Indian Terr. Children: Davis, Hugh, Champ, Myrtle, Edith, Edwina. After Enlow's death, Mrs. Enlow moved near Tecumseh. After living in Shawnee for time moved to Asher. Disposed of prop­erty during boom, now living at Ward­ville. Okla.
FENN, TAMES ARTHUR - From Kansas in 1892. Born 1871 in Missouri. Married Joanna Mae Dwelle 1896. Educated Kansas public schools, University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma A. and M. College. Odd Fellow, former Republican now Democrat, active in Boy Scout leadership. Residence Norman.
FLEET, REV. W. L. –I n church serv­ice here 35 years. Arrived 1898 south of Earlsboro. Organized and built Church of Christ in Tecumseh in 1924. Started ministerial work in 1913, and in 1915 be­came missionary, helping in church con­struction. Became full pastor Tecumseh church 1926.
FLEET, ROBERT FRANK - Son of Rev. and Mrs. Y. L. Fleet, born Maud 1902. Married 1925 to Theodocia Guilliams, daughter J. A. Guilliams. Both graduated Tecumseh high school, attend­ed Oklahoma University. Robert Van born 1927, Donald Frank 1931. Residence 1936 Claremore.
FORTSON, DR. J. L. - From Texas via Indian Terr. 1913. Born in Louisiana, educated Marshall, Tex., public schools, Baylor University, University of Texas and Tulane. Married Gertrude Vaughan 1911. Children: John Lake, Vaughan, Elizabeth. Now active doctor at Tecumeh. Democrat, Mason, Presbyterian.
FORTSON, ELIZABETH RICHARDSON - Born 1867 in Texas. Educated Louisiana public schools, Keachi college, Keachi, La., Louisiana State Normal at Natchitoches. Taught school in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma. Moved to Tecumseh 1935. Democrat, Baptist
FOX, FRANK - From Cherokee nation 1892. Born March 10 that year. Married Alta Pittman 1914. Jack 1920, Cleta Joy 1929. Mrs. Fox born Pott. County 1895. Fox was sheriff 1924-28.
GETTYS, T. W. - From Kansas 1891. In 1884 married Miss Marvilla Carson while in Kansas. Children: Claude, Ma­bel, Marvilla. Charles. Deputy Sheriff under W. B. Trousdale. Residence, Sheridan, Wyoming.
GOREE. TOM  - From Texas via Indian Terr. 1916. Deputy court clerk.
HAWKINS, MRS. LUCY FALMER­ - Born Troy, Alabama, married J. C. Hawkins there. Educated Wesleyan Music College at Mason, Georgia, University of Oklahoma, Scared Bible school in Kansas City, Ellenberg Music Studio, Montgomery, Ala. Taught in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas and Oklahoma. Employed at Industrial School for Girls at Tecum­seh, then moved to Asher to become primary teacher
HENDON, ROBERT R. - From Texas via Indian Terr. 1892. Settled on famous Hendon place southwest Earlsboro. Hen­don active in county affairs until death in 1929, serving in the 1912 state legisla­ture. Mrs. Hendon died 1933. Children: V. B. 1883, Lillie 1885, Scott 1887, Claude 1891, Robert 1894, Bryan 1896, Emily 1889, Sallie 1898, Gordon 1901, Easter­belle 1904, Lottie 1906, Catherine 1908
HEY, ROSCOE E. - From Kansas to Tecumseh 1925. Born 1893. Educated Kansas State Agriculture college, receiving electrician's diploma in 1920. Mar­ried Cecil C. Goodell of Tecumseh, Kan., 1918. Children: Wendell C., Marvin Ros­coe, Lester T., Maxine (died in infancy), Enuna Lou and Anna Marie. Methodist, American Legion.
HIBBARD, J. G. - From Arkansas 1892. Born 1845. Married Flora Morris 1881. Minnie born 1882, J. Robert 1886, S. L. born 1896, Arthur Lee 1900, James M. 1903. Baptist, Republican. Eight years Asher postmaster. Family active in Asher affairs
HIGH, MRS. SARAH C. E. - Married William L. High 1896 in Kansas. Chil­dren: Mary (died in infancy), Clarence Emory (deceased), William R. Mr. and Mrs. High moved to Shawnee in 1899. Presbyterian. Eastern Star, American Legion Auxiliary, 'V. C. T. U. pioneer.
HOERLEIN, MRS. J. -Daughter of William R. Nichols and Mary E. Boy kin Nichols who came to this county in 1892. Their children: Edward H. 1875, Na­thaniel 1880, Ernest 1886, J. Aaron 1894: Ralph E. 1896, Florence 1877, Pernie 1878, Maud 1882, Cordie 1884, Celia Janie (Mrs. Hoerlein) 1889. W, R. Nichols was a charter member of Shawnee First Meth­odist church, dairyman, farmer, and res­taurant operator. Died 1899.
HOPKINS, HOLBERT THOMAS­ - Born in Mississippi. Education at Freed ­Hardeman College in Tennessee, East Central, Ada. Married Ollie Pearl Cole­man 1916. Agnes Juanita born 1918, Tol­ber Tyson 1921. Came to Asher from Mississippi 1920. Church of Christ, Democrat, Mason. Chairman Asher city council 16 years, now city clerk Prin­cipal Asher high school
JOHNSON, IDA - Born 1874. Married Bernhard Bollman (born in Minnesota 1865) 1898. Children: Sophia C. 1900, (married to Troy G. Garrett 1927), Bern­hard F. Bollman 1908, (married to Mar­garet Critz 1935.
JOHNSON, JACOB - Born Washington, D. C., 1823. Married Sophie Viewx at Indianola, Kan. (now Topeka) in 1856. Children: Rachel Johnson Hale, Richard, Loren, Andrew, Sadie Johnson Goulette, Ida .J. Bollman, Emma J. Goulette, David, Katie J. Craig, Syrphine, James, and Jacob.
JORDAN, REV. M. - From Alabama 1891. Born 1872. Homesteaded in Cleve­land County. Ordained as Baptist min­ister 1900. Preached, held funerals, mar­ried people over wide area. 1907 moved to Tecumseh. Advocated good roads during his term as county commissioner. Married 1892 to Nellie Newton Saxby. Democrat, moderator of Friendship Bap­tist Association for years. Children: Everett Miles, Carrie Lee Jordan Bor­well, Goldie Linna Jordan Brooks, Rosa Maye Jordan Thomas.
KELLOGG, L. E. - From Illinois to Tecumseh 1900. Born 1893. Educated Te­cumseh schools. Married Gillie Lee Kel­logg 1917. Children: Dorothy Lee, Doris Allene, J. E. Jr. Charlie L. Cole and Mollie A. Cole wife's parents. Democrat, Methodist, Odd Fellow. Connected with Wood & Co., Shawnee, since 1923. Resi­dence, Tecumseh.
KING, O. C. - Born 1897 in Missouri. son of Joe and Clara King. Came to Oklahoma from Texas 1904. Married Polly A. Taylor 1923, daughter McClain and Idunia Taylor. Mason, O. E. S Elk, Christian, Democrat. One son, Richard McClain, born 1924. County treasurer 1931-35
KNIGHT. C. A. - Arrived in county 1910 to become active in law and insur­ance. Member 1919 state legislature. Tecumseh postmaster beginning 1934. Mrs. Knight national president of P. E. O. 1931-1933. national organizer 1925-27. She is the only woman in the southwest or south to hold the president's chair.
LAZEKBY, MRS. WALTER - Mary Hervey Lazenby. Daughter of F. P. and Rachel Hervey, born 1868 in Arkansas. Married Walter Lazenby 1892. Children: Rachel, now Mrs. William McLelland, Hervey Lewis, Walter Jr. and William Preston.  Resident of Shawnee since 1902.  Southern Presbyterian, Democrat, Pottawatomie County Historical society, Daughter of the Confederacy, Daughters of the American Revolution.
LAZENBY, HERVEY - Born 1895 in Arkansas. Educated in Shawnee schools. Married Bondeline Bishop 1916. She was born at Bonham, Tex., 1895. Southern Presbyterian.
LISLE, A. C. - Graduated from University of Oklahoma School of pharmacy 1917. After the war bought in Williams ­Lisle drug store at McLoud, which he still operates. Member county excise board 1936.
LOVIN, C. H. - Born 1893 near Davis. Okla., son of Rev. J. H. and Annie Lovin. Moved to this county 1901, locating west of Maud. Educated Ray school, Maud schools and O. B. U. 1914 married Una Rye. Geraldine born 1916, Gladys 1917, Robert 1920. Charles Rye 1929. Democrat. Shrine. Missionary Bap­tist church.
LOWTHER, HENRY H. - Born 1859 in Canada, son of Rev. W. D. Lowther and Hannah Hserni.lton. From Pauls Valley to this county 1905. Married Catherine Christine McMahon in Kansas 1890. Children: Dixon (Word war fatality), Albert A., Annie May. Baptist, Democrat. Albert is pastor of Baptist church at Oil­ton. Educated at East Central and O. B. D., had first charge at Davenport. Ordained 1934, he was called to Bowlegs, then went to Oilton.
 LOWTHER, WILLIAM J. - Born 1867 in Canada, son of Rev. W. D. Lowther. Educated Paoli. Kan. Came to county 1901 from Pauls Valley. Married that year to Elzia Rebecca Wood of Asher, whose parents were J. H. and Mary A. Woods. Children: Jennie, William C. Winnie. Baptist. Democrat.
LUTTRELL, HOMER H. - Born 1909, Lamar, Okla., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Luttrell. Came to this county in 1916. Educated at Norman high school and University of Oklahoma (1928). Married Consuello Severe 1931, who received her degree from East Central, 1932. Yvonne La Vene born 1934, Ramona Lou Ann, 1936. Democrat, consulting geologist.
MAJORS, ISOM E. - Born 1877 Tennes­see. Came to Asher 1905. Married Char­lotte Jane Weldon. Carrie Myrtle born 1898. She married Roy Cox. Cox is civic leader and active attorney at Blackwell. Mr. and Mrs. Isom Majors have been closely associated with rural people the last twenty years. Majors was for many years a prominent pro­duce dealer. Since 1934 he has been as­sociated 'with Mrs. Majors in rural cir­culation work for the Shawnee News Star. Majors began working for the The News in 1920. She is now manager of rural circulation in the south Potta­watomie county area.  
MALONE, PATRICK B. - From Iowa in 1892. Lived at Tecumseh for time. then moved to farm northeast of - Tecum­seh where he still resides. Born 1882 in Illinois. son of James and Anna Malone. Educated rural schools of this county. Sacred Heart, St. Benedict's school in Shawnee. Married Ethel Williams 1930, daughter of Owen and Sarah Williams. Employed state board agriculture 1910­11. Road and bridge construction work in this county 1912-14. Undersheriff for Fred Romberg 1915-16. 1919-21 again with State Agricultural board. 1923-31 road construction for county. 1936 is jailer under Sheriff V. C. Mosier.
McBRIDE, J. T. - Born 1886. Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. McBride. Came to county in 1891 from Arkansas. Married 1908 to Edna Cawthon, daughter of S. H. Cawthon. Ethel born 1910, Edythe 1912. Lois 1919, Josie Mae 1921. Jimmie Jr., 1923. Democrat, Odd Fellows
MEYER, ROBERT J. - Son of Rev. and Mrs. William Meyer, born at Tecumseh in 1893. Married Birdie L. Oliver 1929. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Oliver. Children: Norma Jeanne, Donald elbert. Presbyterian, Republican.
MILLER, HOOKIE, and The Corner
MORRELL, MRS. BEATRICE HAG­GARD - Born 1903 in Cleveland County. Came to this county when three months old. Graduate Macomb high school, student at East Central. Married Howard V. Morrell 1924 at Los Angeles. Democrat, Christian Science. She and her husband have been in business at Corona. Calif., since 1926.
NEGAHNQUET, STEPHEN - Born 1853 near Topeka, Kan. Caine with father when Pottawatomie moved in 1870s. Stephen's father influential in getting Benedictine fathers to establish Sacred Heart. After Stephen the elder died, his son carried on, becoming influential in tribal affairs. Member committee Citi­zens Band of Pottawatomie for years, member first state legislature. Many oil welts brought in on place near Asher. Died April 24, 1936, at Davis. Children: Joe, Albert, Tom, Al and Steve, Kather­ine Seabolt and Rosie Phillips.  
NISBETT. DR. B. F. - Homesteaded near Trousdale 1891. Moved to Tecum­seh 1909. Made Cherokee Strip run 1893, then returned. Educated Vanderbilt. Member 6th and 7th territorial legisla­tures, state legislature in 1912. A fac­tor in developing county's first oil play. Wife, Carrie Lee Nisbett. Children: Mrs. Claine Hoole. Earlsboro; Mrs. Sue Poplin, Seminole; Mrs. Banner Combs, Duncan; Martha and Henry, Tecumseh; and Tom, Oklahoma City.  
PAINE, CHARLES RAYMOND (Andy) -Born near Tribbey 1910. Educated McClain schools, Trousdale high school, Rosedale high school, East Central, O. U. Grade principal and coach Elmore City two years. Teacher Washington high school two years. Now at Elmore City. Methodist, Master Mason. Married Jim­mie Taliaferro 1932. One daughter, Norma Lucille born 1933.
PAINE, GORDON L. - Born Keokuk Falls 1905. Educated Tribbey and Solo­mon's Temple grade schools, Washington high school. A. B. and Masters at O. U. Taught Connors Agricultural College, Warner. Master Mason. Elected fourth term high school principal Washita and Johnson County.
PAINE, NORMAN W. - Born Texas 1880, son of W. C. and Mary E. Paine. Moved here 1891 to attend first school south Little river at Old Griffin, July 1893. Drove ox team to drag logs for first school in area. Educated Shawnee high school 1895-96, University of Okla­homa. Teaching continuously since. Ex­cept for two years in Texas, all of it in this district. Married Lily Jones 1904. Children : Carrol, Gordon L., Charles Raymond (Andy), and Norma. All except Carrol, who died in infancy, grad­uates O. U. Member First Christian, A. F. & A. M., 1. O. O. F. First O. E. A. card dated 1895. Serving third term superintendent Trousdale schools. Mrs. Paine Presbyterian, Eastern Star. Both graduated East Central 1931
PATTON, C. C. - Settled in Dale com­munity 1895 with father, have been prominent since. Came to county in 1893, moved near Dale 1894, then to townsite 1895.
PELPHREY, JESSE - From Texas 1897. Occupied same home in Shawnee since. Dry goods business three years, cotton buying many years, then in gro­cery business, 13 years city councilman. Children: Mrs. Mary Aline Christian, Mrs. Ruth Loriene Gardiner. Mrs. Pel­phrey president County Historical Socie­ty.  
PETERS, T. E. - Born 1890, son of Tim­othy Edwin and Malta Edwards Peters, educated Dallas public schools, North Texas normal, North Texas Teachers college, Oklahoma Baptist university   A. cum laude 1928), masters from Colorado 1931. Married 1913 to Nora Jones. Southern Methodist, Democrat, Mason, principal and teacher Shawnee schools last 20 years. Children: William  Edward born 1914, Charles 0.  1918.
PETTIGREW. C. E. - Three terms county clerk. Married daughter of H. C. Pybas, Trousdale, 1909. One son, Marvin, lives in Shawnee. Mrs. Pettigrew born on farm near Ardmore 1889.
PIERSON. HARRY A. - From Iowa 1902. In bank with C. J. Benson and F. B. Reed (old Oklahoma National organized by W. S. Search). 1914 started in­surance, now oldest exclusive agency in Shawnee. Secretary county exemption board during war, charter member Rotary, member Red Cross executive com­mittee, had charge fourth dist. 1933-34. Rotary dir. 1930. Sec. park board 1926­-31, chairman community chest drive 1934, president community chest 1936.
PITMAN, CLYDE - Mayor Tecumseh 1936. Instrumental in getting federal projects for overpass. Civic auditorium. County attorney two terms.  
PITMAN, L. G. - Pioneer Tecumseh citizen. Secretary first O. U. board re­gents. Helped layout McLoud, came to Tecumseh 1895. County attorney 1898-1902, superior judge 1914-1930
RATCHFORD, REX - Principal Ma­comb schools 1932, became superintendent 1935. As boy lived near Maud two years with father, W. T. Educated East Cen­tral.
RICE, DR. EDGAR EUGENE - Born 1899 Illinois. Moved to Shawnee 1902 when three years old. Educated Shaw­nee high school, University of Oklahoma, Northwestern, Internship in Cook county hospital, Chicago, post-graduate study at University of Edinburgh and Vienna. 1929. Married Mary Louis Alexander 1928. First Christian, Republican, Elks, A. F. & A. M., Indian Consistory McAlester, Shrine, India Temple, Oklahoma City. County, state and American medical societies, fellow American College of Sur­geons. Began Shawnee practice with father 1926.
RIDDLE, H. T. - Came with father, W. M., to settle near Dent 1894. Moved into Shawnee 1913. 1906 interested Prague bank. Now vice-president Ameri­can National.
ROBERTS, THELMA - Born 1915 near Tecumseh, daughter V. A. Roberts. Graduate Tecumseh high school, 1933. Elected county Pioneer Princess 1934. Employee Southwestern Bell Telephone
ROBINSON, MRS.  RUBY GUILLIAMS - ­Born 1912 in Tecumseh, daughter J. A. Guilliams. Graduate Tecumseh high school, Draughan's Business College. Democrat, Presbyterian. Married Carl N. Robison 1932.
ROBISON, CLARENCE - From Arkansas via Indian terr. 1892. Married Irene Buzaard 1916. Mrs. H. Robison came from Kansas with parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Buzzard. Father one of men organizing first Dale school 1896. Mrs. Robison taught at Dale 1910-15. Children: Louise, ] 917; Aggie Joe, 1919; Lou Alice, 1921; Clarence Jr., 1924.   
ROSEBUSH, E. L. - Born 1870, Erie, Kan. Married Sue Allen at Erie 1900. Educated Erie high school, State Normal school. Supt. schools Erie and Florence 1896 to 1902. Banker Prescott, Kan., 1903-9. Moved Tecumseh 1909, bought out E. \V. Miller's Tecumseh State bank. President of it and successor, Tecumseh National, 1909-32. Republican, Methodist, Mason, Odd Fellow, Modern Woodman, Knights of Pythtas, Chamber of Com­merce. Mrs. Rosebush born 1873. Edu­cated Baker University. P. E. 0., W. C. T. U. Children: Mrs. Marion Sundt 1901; Allen, 1903; Foster (killed in acci­dent 1929), born 1908; William, 1914 (died 1932).
ROYSTER, DR. J. H. - 1899 passed territorial medical board. 1897 had come to old Wanette from Kansas. Moved new Wanette 1903. Educated Chanute, Kan., high school, and Louisville medical college, 1905.
SCOTT, JUDGE HENRY W., Judge in Choctaw  case
SHAVELAND, KITTlE PARKS MUN­DAY - Born Honey Grove, Tex. One daughter, Ruckey Parks, now Mrs. Her­bert Nichols, Tecumseh. First located at Avoca in hardware and furniture busi­ness. Later moved to Asher. Carried on business after Mundy's death. After some years married Tony Shaveland, Rock Island engineer.
SMITH, T. D. - Born 1868 Ohio. Came Oklahoma City 1889, Tecumseh 1891. In business here since opening. Director of bank 30 years, once vice-president. Mar­ried Minnie Dora Oliver 1899. James F. Oliver, father, drove first stage into Te­cumseh, carried first mail between Te­cumseh and Oklahoma City.
SNIDER, NELSON R. - came to county at opening. Married Kate Rush 1894. One child died at birth. Baptist, Democrat. Snider first located jewelry shop at Tecumseh. Mover to Asher 1901 as member Pickens-Snider business. Nervous breakdown brought retirement. Since Mrs. Snider has been carrying on business in Asher. Mrs. Snider teacher in early Tecumseh school. Asher postmistress eight years. Active as business woman and as news correspondent for many years
STONE, GEORGE - Born 1867 in Ar­kansas. Grew to manhood in Benton county, Ark. Married Margurite F. Jones 1890. Moved Texas 18n, then to south­east part of Cleveland county 1898. Moved to Asher 1902. Children: Mrs. in Minnie Johnston, Oklahoma City: Mrs. Pearl Grafton, Texarkana; L. J. Stone, Oklahoma City; George Stone. Memphis; Mrs. Edith Tanner, Oklahoma City: Mrs. Marie Hamilton, Detroit; Mrs. Marguerite Bispling, Houston: James Bryan Stone died 1898: Mattie Stone died 1911. Legislature watchman 1903: register deeds 1905­1911. Employee school land department 1915. Steward at Fort Supply hospital 1916-1919.  Insurance business since, now at Tecumseh.
STRANGE, W. T. - Born 1866 Alabama.  Came to county 1927 from Ardmore. Mar­ried Cordia Lane 1893. Children: Wil­liam Lane, Fern and Wilma (all deceas­ed), \V. T. Jr., John R. and Thomas. Methodist, Democrat. Strange located in Asher following Wamego oil boom. President Chamber of Commerce during boom days at Asher. Was early day hardware "drummer." Later took posi­tion with Oklahoma City firm, making Pottawatomie county on his rounds.   
STUTSMAN, Dr. N.  Keokuk feud
SWEET, MITTIE COTTEN - Born 1887, daughter of J. L. and Josephine Cotten. Father was county clerk five years. Came to county 1901 from Texas. Educated Tecumseh high school, O. U., Baptist University, Columbia, Colorado and California. Taught: Tecumseh 1905­1910: McLoud 1912; Collierville, Tenn. high school 1913; Shawnee 1914-17; Te­cumseh 1917-22; Ardmore 1922-24; Pauls Valley 1924-26: East Central summer sessions 1925-26; Tecumseh high school principal 1920-22. Married 1926 to .Jerome A. Sweet. Residence, Colusa, Calif.
TAYLOR, MISS HELEN - Graduated Tecumseh high school 1908, early mem­ber alumni association. Began teaching career immediately. Later had two years at O. D., also summer terms. Tecumseh high school principal since 1922.  
THOMAS, ABBOT - First Sacred Heart abbot under state jurisdiction, 1896. Ab­bey had been under direct supervision of Rome prior to that time with Abbot Robot in charge.
TOOLEY, WILLIAM - Born 1904. From Texas to Oklahoma 1917. Married Annie May Louther 1926. Bettie Lou born 1927 near Asher; William Early born 1932. Mr. and Mrs. Tooley are active young folks in Asher activities. Baptist, Re­publican, Mason.
WARD, MRS. NINA - Born 1867 in Iowa. Came to Oklahoma 1882, to this county 1892. Married 1887 to James T. Tallent. One daughter, Mrs. Dolly Taylor, in Texas. Tallent died 1892. Mrs. Ward filed claim west of Tecumseh seen after. Worked in Chisholm's tent hotel, there met George Ward whom she married 1895. Children: Ernest born 1897; Violet Ward Knight of Mountain View, Mo., born 1899. Mrs. Ward Batist, Democrat, charter member Rebekah lodge, active in Y. C. T. U.
WELDON, W. A.  - Came to Asher 28 years ago, and since has held practically every local office of importance; school board member for years. Ardent sports fan. Father of Mrs. Isom Majors.
WEST-ALLEN  The Corner  
WILLINGHAM, F. E. - Born 1903 In­dian terr. Educated Francis high school, East Central. O. U. 1925 coach and principal two years under Tecumseh school superintendents, R. L. Clayton and A. W. Dagley. Coached again 1828 after Haskell McManus resigned. Superintendent schools since. Married 1933 to Marion Cordell. Democrat. Mason, Christian, Eastern Star.  
WILSIE, W. H. - Born 1889 Arkansas. Came with parents to Asher 1897. Married Sarah E. Asher 1914. Christian church, Independent in politics. Chil­dren: William Harold Jr., 1915; Robert, 1917. Wilsie past patron of Asher Masonic lodge, past patron Eastern Star chapter. Mrs. Wilste one of most useful community workers for last 20 years. Teacher 18 years. First P. T. A. secre­tary, head of Red Cross, school board clerk, seven years secretary Eastern Star, first secretary of Patron's club, now Civic club.  
WOODWARD, JOHN EDWARDS - 1911, Walters. Educated Walters, O. U. Phi Beta Kappa. Mason. Southern Baptist. Married 1935 to Norma Paine. Principal Trousdale high school 1933-35. Now teacher in El Reno high school.
ZEIGLER, MRS. ELMER  -  One of few now living who came from Kansas with Pottawatomie tribe in 1870. Daughter, Mrs. Bonnie Hays, one of first children born in county. Mrs. Zeigler born 1853, now resident Bronaugh, Mo.