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Blakemore, William F.




January 21, 1949—The Daily Oklahoman—Pryor-- William Finley "Fin" Blakemore, Pioneer Muskogee the resident and former deputy U. S.  Marshal, died Thursday and Pryor in the home of a sister, Mrs. A. C. Brewster, were he had made his home the past year.

            Blakemore settled in Muskogee and 1895 and served as deputy marshal under you.  Yes.  Judge S. M. Rutherford.  A former justice of the peace, he also held several appointive offices in the county government.

            Survivors include this is Brewster and another sister, Mrs. W. W. Powell, Salina, Oklahoma, and a brother Dr. J. L. Blakemore, Muskogee.

            Services will be announced by Petering funeral home, Muskogee.


Bourland, Jim



Popular Jim Bourland Is Shot Down by Fred Hudson,

Former, Outlaw Tragedy Was At Anadarko

Bourland Has Been Threatened by Desperadoes for Years—Wanted the Sheriffship


May  24, 1906—The Daily Oklahoman—Guthrie, Oklahoma—John R. Abernathy, United States marshal, received a telegram this morning announcing that Deputy Marshal Jim Bourland of Anadarko, had been shot and fatally wounded by Fred Hudson, the ex-outlaw and former member of the Bert Casey band of desperadoes.  Hudson was also shot by Bourland and will die.  Hudson was only recently released from custody, being acquitted of killing Deputy Marshal Lute Houston, near Swan Lake in 1892.  He was held, however, as a witness against Jim and Ben Hughes, who were also acquitted of the killing yesterday at Hobart.

            But little is known here, as yet, regarding the double killing today at Anadarko.  Bourland was a very popular officer and for five years past outlaws have threatened his life.  He was a candidate for the next democratic nomination for sheriff of Caddo County, but has served as a deputy marshal several years.  Fed Hudson came into prominence three years ago by killing Bert Casey, the outlaw king, at Cleo Springs.  Hudson being commissioned as a deputy marshal in order to capture Casey, dead or alive.  A few months ago, he was acquitted in Arkansas, of murdering a man.



Braziel, Dow


Former Officer Killed By Deputy

Old Rivalry Is Given As Cause for Killing


January 31, 1919—Ardmore, OK—Deputy Sheriff Bud Ballew of Wilson is in the county jail tonight as the result of the killing early today of Dow Braziel of Ardmore, formerly a deputy United States marshal.  The shooting was the outcome of an old-time feud growing out of official activities in regard to bootlegging.

            Braziel was shot to death in a café on Main Street after firing two shots at Ballew, who emptied his six-shooter, each of the bullets striking Ballew.

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