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Indian Police From All U. S. Agencies 1900

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Indian Police 1900      
Blackfeet, Montana   Ponca, etc., Oklahoma  
Medicine Owl   Captain John Delodge Captain
Bird Rattler  1st Lieutenant Weak Bone  Private
Old Person   Private Chas. Primeaux Private
New Breast  Private Rough Face Private
Cut Finger   Private Otoe, Oklahoma  
Green Grass Bull  Private C.G. Barnes Captain
Mud Head Private Henry Jones Private
Drags His Robe  Private Albert Ely Private
Black Weasel Private Louis Ely Private
John Vielle Private Potawatomi and Great Nemaha, Kansas  
Frank Rider Private Frank A. Bourbonny.  Captain
Heavy Gun Private John Mas qua qua  Private
Herman Dusty Bull Private John Butler    Private
Home Gun   Private Walter A. Pappan  Private
Charles De Laney Private JoeCook   Private
Lazy Boy Private Naw che that Private
White Quiver Private Nwahk tate  Private
Cheyenne and Arapaho, Oklahoma   John Wah wa suck  Private
Reuben N. Martarm  Captain No Nahs Private
Henry Sage  1st Lieutenant Pueblo and Jicarilla, New Mexico  
Henry S. Bull Private Antonio Vigil Captain
Hudson Hawkan Private Dotaya Domingo Private
John Striking Back Private Manwell Sanchez   Private
Joseph Hills Private Juan De Dios Private
Gold Private Maestro Private
Thunder Bull Private Juan L. Largo Private
Goose Private Sixto Lucero Private
Yellow Eyes  Private Agapito Baltizar Private
Curious Horn Private Domingo Garcea Private
No Meetz Private Grover Vigil   Private
Black White Man  Private Eddie Morea  Private
Harry Bates Private Puyallup, Washington  
Seger Williams Private Dick Lewis Private
Black Lodge Private Harry Shale Private
Tom Turkey Private Peter Heck Private
Lewis Blue    Private William Nason Private
Tom White Shirt Private Quapaw, Indian Territory  
Little Snake Private Silas Armstrong Captain
Miller B. Nose Private John Bland   Private
White Skunk Private Alfred W hitecrow  Private
Little Sioux Private Henry Hicks Private
Big Anee Private G.W. Finley Private
Allen Hill Private William Sky   Private
Bitcbenen Private Andrew Dushane   Private
Red Bird Private Rosebud, South Dakota  
Lewis H. Miller Private Samuel High Bear . Captain
Swallow Private Antoine Ladoux 1st Lieutenant
Roscoe Conkling Private John High Pipe 2nd Lieutenant
Andrew Arrow Private Alfred Little Elk 1st Sergeant
Hall Private Jared Good Shield  2nd Sergeant
Cheyenne River, South Dakota   Fr'cis. Red Tomahawk  3rd Sergeant
Joshua Scares t h e Hawk Captain Henry Black Moon Private
Moses Straight Head.  Lieutenant Geo. Charging Hawk Private
John Make it Long Private Edward Dark Face  Private
Moses Spotted Eagle Private Edward Eagle Man Private
George Eagle Private Wm. Hawk Head Private
Charles Corn Private James Holy  Private
Joseph Warrior  Private Arnold Iron Shell  Private
Joseph Gray Spotted Private Samuel Kills Two  Private
Drops at a Distance Private Charles Little Hawk.  Private
Louis Egua Private Ernest Swimmer Private
New Black Bear Private Edward Ute  Private
Samuel Shot At Private Chas. Walking Soldier Private
Luke Yellow Horse Private  Edward Quick Bear Private
Left Handed Bear  Private Amos Wooden Knife.  Private
In the Woods  Private Harry Standing Bull. Private
White Bobtail Private Thomas Loafer Private
John Papin  Private Jesse S. Picket Pin  Private
 Justin Eagle Feather Private Charles Y. Bear Private
Hard to Kill Private John Red Eagle  Private
John Crow Private Jos. Bad Bear Private
Charles White Weasel Private Thomas Black Bull  Private
High Hawk Private Charles White Mouse Private
Medicine Body Private John Jumps Off Private
George Cuts Half  Private Cavid Y. Whirlwind Private
Thomas White Horse Private Cavid Crooked Foot Private
Colorado River, Arizona   Ezekiel Long Crane Private
Pete Nelse Captain Jos. Snow Fly Private
John Crook  Private Daniels Kills Private
Mut null sen is Private Frank U. T. Water Private
Willie Whey Private Isaac Red Water Private
No pa Private John Runs Four times Private
Moses Private Silas Standing Elk Private
Joe Myers Private John Eagle Dog Private
Colville, Washington   George Scott  Private
Jim Andrews Captain Oliver Yellow Hair  Private
Alex Is qua laschute Lieutenant Oliver Good Elk Private
Charlie Ka a Kim Private Joseph White Lance . Private
Charlie Qua pilican  Private George Yellow Eyes Private
 Jim Sockem tickem   Private John King Private
Sam Boyd Private George Whitewash... Private
Peter Martin Private Benj. Hungry Private
Wha la whit sa Private Andrew Black Hawk. Private
Alex. Pierre Private Milo Side Private
Sam Pierre Private Nelson C. T. Eagle  Private
Te oo loos Private Edwin G. T. War Private
Joe Peshet Private Edward Close to Village. Private
 Charlie Swim ti ken Private Arthur Black Horse Private
Leo Abraham Private Moses Black Stone   Private
Charles Cooper Private Jas. Iron Heart  Private
Johnson May hoy kun  Private Silas Chasing Horse Private
Alex. Sin hos o lok   Private John Eagle Elk Private
Bob Bailey Private Elmer Fast Dog  Private
Downey Private  Jesse Roubedeaux Private
Augustus Private Charles De Noyer  Private
William Gunn Private Round Valley, California  
Tenas Martin Private John Brown  
Crow, Montana   Enoch Pollard Private
Big Medicine Captain Sack and Fox, Iowa  
Fire Bear   Lieutenant James Poweshiek Captaing
Sharp Nose   Private Samuel Lincoln Private
Josh Buffalo   Private William Wanetee Private
Stands Over a Bull Private Charley Mamasat P  
Bear Claw Private Sac and Fox, Oklahoma  
Long Neck Private Peter Sooey Captaing
Bull Robe Private Jim Wolf Private
Steals on the Camp Private Tolbert White Private
Bear in the Cloud  Private James Alfrod Private
One Star Private Martin Daugherty  Private
John Wallace   Private Jon Couteau Private
Martin Round Face Private San Carlos, Arizona  
Blanket Bull Private Nahkis Captain
Big Hail Private Elpahy Private
Crow Creek, S. Dakota   Skaybeeyannay Private
George Banks Captain William Molegia Private
James Black   Lieutenant Sam Kitzso  Private
David Horn  Private Eedemzil Private
With Horns Private Ward Beecher Private
Whipper Private Walter Private
Charles McBride Private Chappaw Private
Wooden Horn Private Socrates Charley Private
Thomas White Private Richard Waters   Private
Call Him Private Thomas Dithyan    Private
Little Elk Private Tony  Private
Bad Moccasin Private James Smiley Private
Devils Lake, North Dakota   Dan McIntosh Private
Wiya kamaza Captain Teedes Kinney Private
Peter Grant   Captain Charley Telto Private
Peter Bear  Private Goodcuskoonga Private
Wakauhotanina Private Goossay  Private
Oyesua Private Soos Private
Tunkanwayagmani Private Josh Private
Jack Otanka Private George Private
Oyehdeska Private Tagischohay Private
Eyaupahamani Private Frank  Private
Hewejin Private John Lycho  Private
Francis Montriel Private Curley Private
Louis Gaurneau   Private Frank Kate Private
Mathew Lafrombois Private Dilwamma Private
Alex Gaurneau Private Yalrakiyay  Private
Albert Welkie Private Santee, Nebraska  
Pierre Ducept Private Joseph Godfrey   Private
Joseph Poitra Private Antoine Rouillard Private
Peter Blueshield Private Joseph Chase Private
Matohakikta   Private B. J. Young  Private
Antoine Belgarde  Private Shoshoni, Wyoming  
James De Conteau   Private John Weitche  Captain
Patrice Lafrombois Private Sherman Sage Lieutenant
Flathead, Montana   Canawautz Private
Albert Vinson Captain Saqua Private
Dan McLeod Private David D. Hall Private
Isadore Laderoutt Private Wm'. Shakespeare Private
 Celuliah Private Andrew Jackson  Private
Philip Celuliah  Private Amos Private
Peter Charlowain  Private George Washakie   Private
Adolph Barnaby Private Shovel Foot Private
Joseph Little Stone Private Woawatsie Private
Sapiel Corlaw  Private Witogant  Private
Joe Latattie  Private Shoyo Private
Fort Apache, Arizona   William Penn   Private
Go Klish Lieutenant Siletz, Oregon  
Tosca Lieutenant Coquelle Thompson  Private
To go ya   Private John Spencer Private
Gay Zhy   Private Moses Lane Private
Thomas De Leon Private William Klamath   Private
Ta chu ay Private Sisseton, S. Dakota  
Es Keen la ha Private Anderson Crawford  Private
Benjamin Toozhay Private Joseph Hart Private
John Cho Private William Klamath   Private
Classy   Private John Nahoton Private
Lo cod dy Private John Take Williams Private
Nay tay hay Private Jona Wynde Private
Dos lay a Private Sam Maks Private
As kin of to hah Private Southern Ute, Colorado  
Peto Morgan Private Johy Lyon Captain
James Ames Private Charles Buck Private
El tay hay Private John Dale Private
Mas ty Private White Frost Private
Carter Johnson  Private Cyrus Groave Private
Fort Belknap, Montana   Asa House Private
Tall Youth   Captain Heyrn Shoshone Private
White Weasel   Lieutenant Israel Knight Private
Horse Back Private Job Armstrong Private
Many Coos Private John Hay Private
Captured Again   Private Isac Peabody Private
Returning Hunter Private Edwin Cloud Private
The Runner   Private Alfonso Kuebler Private
Glass. Private Standing Rock, North Dakota  
Joseph Big Beaver  Private David Standing Soldier. Captain
Dog Killed Eagle Private David Chatkah Lieutenant
Head Dress  Private Joseph Brown Wolf Private
Speak Thunder. Private Antoine One Feather Private
Left Hand No. 3 Private Henry Medicine  Private
First Chief Private Alexander Middle  Private
Thunder Pipe Private Hugh Swift Hawk  Private
Fort Berthold, N. Dakota   James Yellow  Private
Hollis Montclair Captain Eli Swift Eagle Private
Flat Bear Private Eugene Little Soldier Private
Samuel Jones Private Tibercous Many Private
Bulls Eyes Private Henry Red Thunder Private
Rabbit Head Private Wounds. Private
Young Wolf Private Faustinus Charging Eagle. Private
White Duck Private Edward Bobtail Tiger  Private
Little Soldier Private Francis Fearless  Private
Oscar J. Howard Private Jacob Cross Bear  Private
John Butcher  Private David Seventeen Private
Crow Bull   Private Lewis Elk Nation  Private
James Hunts Along  Private Samuel Hawk Eagle Private
Emery Fighter Private James Amidst Private
Red Star Private Take the Shield Private
Fort Hall, Idaho    Albert Atateyamani  Private
Jake Meeks Captain Louis Wapaha Private
Fred Larose Lieutenant William Taken Alive Private
Teditch Coley Private Luke Take the Gun Private
Captain Gunn  Private Dennis Take the Hat Private
Jimmy Smart   Private Louis Good Eagle Private
Sam Mosho  Private Paul Iron Cedar Private
Ben Lipps Private George Herakaonjinca Private
Punkin Sayaz  Private Henry Tataukawaujila Private
William Kaka Private Joseph Itechinska Private
Henry J. Yupe Private Thomas Frosted Private
Albert Racehorse Private George Waubicigala Private
Charley Pizoka Private Stanton Anaptopi Private
Tom Edmo.  Private Moses Wahacaukaciqala Private
Frank Woodabogan Private Marcellus Red Tomahawk Private
Nephi Ohapit Private Reuben Hinske Private
Fort Peck, Montana   Oliver Looking Elk  Private
Duck Captain Old Crow Private
Muskrat   Captain Maurice Bush Horns  Private
Gray Hawk  Private See the Bear Private
Growing Four Times  Private James Red Dog Private
High Back Bone Private Edward Shooter Private
Iron Star Private Robert Hawk Private
Charles Gibbs Private Luke Bear Paw  Private
Bear Eagle Private Thomas Stone Man   Private
Little Eagle.  Private Tongue River. Montana  
Sam Conger Private Bird Bear   Captain
Young Man Private Tall Bull.  Lieutenant
Black Hawk Private Arapahoe Chief Private
Circle Eagle  Private Sponge Private
Red Eagle   Private Spotted Elk Private
Thomas Handcock  Private White Shield Private
Flying Shield Private Wolf Name Private
Bad Temper   Private Hollow Breast  Private
Walks on Ground Private Bullard Private
Green Bay, Wisconsin   Sitting Man Private
John Archiquette   Captain Teeth Private
John Reed Private Black Wolf Private
Edward Parkhurs  Private Head Swift Private
Wm. Silas  Private Fire Wolf Private
 Pete Wy was cum  Private Red Fox Private
Louis Shawano Private John Club Foot Private
Peter George Private Frank Red Bird Private
Jos. F. Gauthier Private Little Eagle Private
Joseph Bopray Private Sioux Private
John W. Dodge Private Rock Roads Private
Charles Westcott Private Crane Private
Hoopa Valley, California   Little Sun Private
Edward Pratt Private R. Standing Elk Private
David Johnson Private Little Head Private
Kiowa, Oklahoma   Wolf Road Private
Bert Arco Captain Tulalip, Washington  
Chas. Okettoint_ Lieutenant James Snoquahmie  Captain
Quasya  Private John Jackman Private
Nab no   Private Walter James Private
CaddoDick   Private Solomon Balch Private
Pe vo   Private Charley Edward Private
Charles Chisholm   Private Charles Wilbur Private
Hah to go Private Charles Sane Private
Mi he co by Private Philip John Private
Ase bok kof per Private Frank Ross Private
Chale tsen Private Uinta and Ouray, Utah  
Topoie   Private Billy Woods Captain
Peach e na Private Albert Chapoose Private
Ame Kay  Private Tom Arrum Private
Quote ko ke ah Private Taveopont Private
Pu eb to Private Jim Atwine Private
Ta kaung ty Private Joe Gross Private
James Deer   Private Tecumseh Private
Frank Basin Private Sam Robinson Private
Per da sof py  Private Toney Private
Gei one ty  Private Sopunies   Private
Klamath, Oregon   Harry Tabley-schutz  Private
Joseph Kirk Captain Dave Weech Private
George Duvall Lieutenant Uinta and Ouray, Utah  
Elmer Hill Private Louis Fenno Captain
Joseph Godowa Private Monk Shavanaut Private
Byron Lotches Private Jake Yump Private
 Abraham Charley  Private John sullilvan Private
Kay Davis Private Ben Oc cup pi upe Private
Elmer Lynch Private Joseph Arrive Private
Bright Jim Private Jim Colorow Private
Jack Palmer Private Umatilla, Oregon  
Robert Hook Private John Shomkeen Captain
La Pointe, Wisconsin   A la en to mo set Private
Henry St. Jermain  Private Edward Brisbois Private
Charles Poupart Private Ya ma wit Private
Mike Gokey Private Pe wap tse ow Private
Louis Corbin Private Mo tan is  Private
Antoine Slater Private Union, Indian Territory  
Joe Petite  Private J. W. Ellis Captain
Ah nah kah me ke nung Private John C. West Lieutenant
Wah se gwon aish  Private Alfred McCay Lieutenant
kung. Private B. T. Kell Sergeant
Charles Makosow  Private JosephWard   Private
Simon Marrin Private A. T. Akin Private
Frank Cadotte Private John L. Brown Private
William Gordon Private George W. Elders Private
John Stoddard  Private Moses Jimison Private
Michael De Perry Private Shelley Keys Private
James Doolittle  Private C. R. Murphy Private
Frank La Due  Private C. W. Plummer Private
Mike Houlo Private John-Simpson   Private
Leech Lake, Minnesota   J. Ramp Willis Private
Gay bay gah bow  Captain B. J. Spring Private
Joe Weaver  Lieutenant Mose Chigley Private
Way mit a go zance  Private A. F. Chamberlain Private
Joe Thunder Private Sidney Sage Private
Gah zhe po gah bow Private Wm. ti. Cully Private
Me shee doonce   Private John M. Sanders Private
Nah zhah keesh kung  Private C. M. Howell Private
As sine we ne nee  Private Edmund Harry Private
Mah ji wah gah guod Private William Vann  Private
James Shears   Private Emerson Folsom Private
Waus say ke zhig   Private Lodge L. Sturdivant  Private
Kay ke zhe gwon ate  Private C. C. Harkens  Private
Bay bah oom be   Private P. J. McClure Private
Mish ah gah may ge shick Private Harry Micco  Private
Day dah cum ah ji want  Private Warm Springs, Oregon  
I ah baince Private Antwine Pepins Captain
Bazil Thunder   Private Suppah  Private
Baptiste Lawrence Private James Sawykee Private
Joseph Nah you ub Private Percy Kuckup Private
Jim Fisher Private Peter Brunoe Private
John B. Pemberton Private Jake Anderson Private
George Brunette Private James K. Polk Private
Jos. Martin Private Mark Johnson Private
Joseph Bellanger Private Elijah hiller Private
George Bouga Private James Scott  Private
Joseph Sky   Private Western Shoshoni, Nevada  
William Douglass   Private Dick Smith Captain
James Anoka Private Charles McIntosh   Private
Lemhi, Idaho   Charlie Thomas Private
Tendoy Toopompy  Captain George Bitt.  Private
Yogoshoah Private John Dave Private
Frank Pouzo Private Dick McIntosh  Private
Pegaga Private  George Washington Private
Lower Brul, S. Dakota   Charley Damon Private
Spotted Horse Captain White Earth, Minnesota  
Horace D. Bay Private Edward Perrault  Captain
Thomas S. Jumper  Private James Blunt Private
Jacob E. Horse Private Joseph Louzon Private
Paul Councillor Private George Rock Private
Walter Sawalla Private Bishop Little Wolf. Private
John S. W. Bear Private Ed. Tanner Private
Samuel H. Elk Private John Rock Private

Mescalero, New Mexico

  James Madison Private
Sam Chino Captain George Walters Private
John Chino Private John Fairbanks Private
Big Mouth Private Peter J. Perrault Private
Fred Pel man   Private Peter Parker Private
Elmer Wilson  Private Yakima, Washington  
Andy Good Private Charles Olney   Captain
Jack Tortilla Private Jacob Ah lo wichescum Private
Howard Botella Private John Selatsee Private
Horace Greely Private Sam Ambrose   Private
Mission Tule River, California   Yaw Yowan Private
Tom Marongo Captain Billie Coo se I  Private
Jose Carac Private Frank See lat see Private
James Alto Private Charles Miller. Private
Bonifacio Cabsee   Private Yankton, South Dakota  
Pablo Kintano  Private Horace Greely  Captain
Adolfo Chogua Private James Johnson Private
Jose Piapar Private George B. Henry Private
Jose Majado   Private John Donahoe Private
Resendo Cury  Private Richard Cowels Private
Servantes Lugo   Private S.Grayhawk . Private
Navaho, New Mexico   Charles Big Bear Private
Wingate Captain Andrew Thomas Private
Bo ko di be tah Lieutenant Sam One Captain
Yellow Horse Private Pretty Bull Private
Big Horse   Private Chauncey Wanikiya  Private
Bitsin Begay  Private Stephen Cloud Elk Private
Belone Private Charles Jones  
Hostel Delini   Private Yuma Reservation, California  
Tatchiinnez Private George Esculanti Private
John Silversmith Private Charley Ablatz Private
Adobe Private PanchoTee wee Private
Gaetanito Private Charley Esculanti Private
George Catron Private William Wilson Private
Yeo eta kai Private Kickapoo and Shawnee Indians in Oklahoma  
Hosteen Tsosi Private Joseph Whipple Private
Deune Na Yazza Private Hopi Reservation I Arizona  
Neah Bay, Washington   Adam Private
Peter Brown Captain Garry Private
Charles White Weasel Private Chonto Private
Randolph Parker Private Polehongeva Private
Jimmie Howe Private Tomah School, Wisconsin  
Obi Private Goodbear Decorah Private
Shobid Hunter Private Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina  
Nevada, New Mexico   David Owl Private
David Numana Captain Lloyd Owl Private
Charles Holbrook   Private Fort Mohave School, Arizona  
John Toby Private Bill Henapookawa Private
 JamesShaw Private Territory of Alsaka  
Jacob Ormsby Private Saginaw Jake Private
William O'Day Private Ca chuck tee  Private
Joseph Mandel Private Don a wak   Private
Jack Warwick Private George Norkane - Private
Nez Perce, Idaho   Daniel Benson   Private
James Grant Captain William H. Lewis  Private
Omaha and Winnebago, Nebraska   Thomas Snuck Private
Alexander St. Cyr Captain John Darrow Private
Josiah Fields  Private Henry Reeve Private
Tecumseh Dick Private Joseph Howard Private
Green Crow Private Aaron Simpson   Private
Cary La Flesche Private Edmond Kadashan  Private
Joseph Hamilton Private    
John Twin   Private    
John Smith No. Private    
John Brown .   Private    
Matthew Tyndall .  Private    
Howard McKee Private    
Gcorge White Wing  Private    
George Miller Private    
Peter Decora   Private    
James Fisher    Private    
Solomon Hill Private    
Green Hair Private    
Osage, Oklahoma      
Little Henry Papan.  Private    
Jesse Me ho jab  Private    

Pima, Arizona

Coover Captain    
Jose Miguel Private    
Jose Enos Private    
Jose  Private    
Chester Arthur Private    
U. S. Grant Private    
Hugh Norris Private    
Victor Jackson Private    
Frank Nolan Private    
Sam Cheago Private    
William Stevens Private    
Heel man Private    
Salon Jones Private    
.Jose Manuel Private    
Nun cho Private    
Pine Ridge, South Dakota      
John Sitting Bear  Captain    
Jos. Bush   1st Lieutenant    
Jos. Running Hawk.. 2nd Lieutenant    
John Blunt Horn   Private    
Noah B. R. I. Woods Private    
Amos Red Owl Private    
Thos. Two Lance   Private    
Austin Little Bull  Private    
John Ghost Bear Private    
Geo, Charging   Private    
Grover Short Bear Private    
Henry Black Elk  Private    
Horace Brown Ears  Private    
John No Ears  Private    
Jos. Dog Chief Private    
Dorris Wounded Private    
John Red Willow  Private    
Frank Scatters Them  Private    
Milton Kills Crow....  Private    
Lambert Hat. Private    
Thomas Crow Private    
James Clinches Private    
Samuel Ladeaux Private    
 Stanley Red Feather Private    
Henry Eagle Louse Private    
David Broken Nose  Private    
Edward Two Two  Private    
Oliver Lone Bear  Private    
Little Spotted Horse. Private    
Peter B. Hawk Private    
Henry Kills Warrior. Private    
Paul Catches Private    
Chas. Thunder Bull.. Private    
Peter Stand Private    
Chas. Wooden Leg   Private    
Andrew Chief   Private    
Oscar Brave Eagle  Private    
Peter R. A. T. Edge Private    
John A. Logan .  Private    
Abner White Calf   Private    
Chas. P. Wolf Private    
Richard R. Bow Private    
Edward Crow Private    
Ralph,O. Horse Private    
James C. Again Private    
John Shangrean Private    
Howard R. Bear Private    
Ellis S. Bear Private    
Joseph High Eagle  Private    
Fred Twin Private    
Philip B. Them Private    
John C. After   Private    
Wm. Cheyenne Private    
Henry Chase 1. Sight  Private    
Benjamin Claymore  Private    
John W. Wolf Private    
James D. Thrice Private    
William Corn Private    
Joseph E. Horse Private    
Robert Af raid of Bear Private    
Felix Spotted Eagle Private    
Paul Crier Private    
Jas. Charges Enemy Private    
Allen Cheyenne Private    
Roger Red Boy Private    
 Chas. Running Hawk Private    
Wm. W Horse Private    
Andrew Y. Thunder. Private    
John W. Horse Private    
Wm. G. V. Elk Private    
Henry Crow  Private    
Amos T. Bull Private    
John B. Killer  Private